Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to Ohio: Greenlee Gazette on Vacation

Sadly, I will not be having this sort of vacation.
Greenlee Gazette is going on hiatus until the middle of October. Vacation does not officially start for another day, but there is too much to do, and too much going on to contribute more tonight. This will be the longest break I've taken in the seven-plus years history of the blog. The reason for this is simple: this is a hobbyist blog, and it's a lot of work for no pay. Though I still enjoy doing it, and plan to keep going with it, I no longer feel the obligation to post multiple posts every day. I've already dialed back my weekends--as most other blogs do--and now have decided that this vacation is a vacation.

That doesn't mean that I won't pop something up if I have the time and interest, or if some huge event happens. But most likely, you're going to see a static page here over the next two weeks. Don't get any ideas if you're an internet-savvy thief: we have a house sitter! But I'm going to let him watch the house (and the cat), and I'm going to let the blog go mostly idle for the duration. I will alert my good friend Reverend Stu', and see if he's so inclined to contribute while I'm away. If he is, you're in for a treat. But if he doesn't, just tune in on the back half of October. I'll be back!

In the mean time, I will be visiting family, driving across at least three states while the leaves change, and maybe even scouting for a new home base, for an eventual change of venue.

Thanks folks. See you when frost is on the pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ebola Comes to the US

Captain Trips is a bitch.
Oh, here we go. As a voracious reader of Robin Cook and Stephen King over the years, this is just the scary thing that resonates with me. I'm heartened that it's difficult to catch Ebola, and that its gestation is so fast that people don't go around as carriers for extended periods. That should keep it from becoming an epidemic here. But yikes, let's hope this is one time that truth is stranger than truth. Meanwhile, we can delight in how FOX News and Right Wing world will turn this into: a) President Obama's fault, and b) somehow a distraction from and related to Benghazi.


First U.S. case of Ebola diagnosed in Texas after man who came from Liberia falls ill

A man who flew from Liberia to Dallas this month was diagnosed with Ebola on Tuesday, becoming the first person to board a passenger jet and unknowingly bring the disease here from West Africa, where it has killed thousands of people in recent months. . .

Read more at: Washington Post

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Right Wing World: "Republicans Are. . ."

The GOP's new "Republicans are. . ." campaign to cast Republicans as everyday people (in other words, not crazy nutbar teabaggers) has rightfully been met with a bit of snark and incredulity. Even better, it turns out they have resorted to using stock photos for their allegedly "real" Republicans. Which is hilarious. Have they learned nothing from the many errors made by the National Organization for Marriage, in their marketing?


The GOP’s New #IAmARepublican Campaign is Completely Backfiring on Them in Hilarious Ways

Stock photo lady might not actually be a Republican, though she
does appear to be white. Image from source, Crooks and Liars.
You know, we spend a lot of time ragging on Republicans, but a new ad produced by former Romney Strategist Vinny Minchillo wants us to consider that they are people, too — as opposed to satellite dishes or aardvarks. . .

Read more at: Crooks and Liars

Secret Service isn't Servicing Very Well

Image from source, AOL
What in the world is up with the Secret Service? After a string of embarrassing lapses, including a prostitution scandal (!), it has just come to light that a) the guy who scaled the fence and got into the White House several days ago got deeply into the building, right past the entrance to the President's residential quarters; and b) a sniper shot seven shots into the southern fa├žade of the building, that were not discovered for several days.

The Secret Service used to be a vaunted organization, almost on a James Bond kind of level. People may have been deterred, just from the reputation the organization held, as all-seeing, all-knowing. That's now blown all to hell, isn't it? Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down may not be so far-fetched after all, right? Okay, maybe not, but with these guys, who knows?

I haven't checked, but I wonder if Right Wing World is blaming this on President Obama himself. I mean of course they are, but I suspect it's something along the lines of, the Secret Service has no respect for Obama, and refuse to even give the appearance of protecting him. Am I right? Dan?


Reports: White House intruder made it far past the front door

The intruder who climbed a fence made it farther inside the White House than the Secret Service has publicly acknowledged, the Washington Post and New York Times newspapers reported Monday. The disclosures came on the eve of a congressional oversight hearing with the director of the embattled agency assigned to protect the president's life. . .

Read more at: AOL

Monday, September 29, 2014

Over Time with Bill Maher, September 25, 2014

Blast from the Past: The Best of Cyndi Lauper

I say this with sadness: though Cyndi Lauper is an outrageously talented woman, and people still know who she is, her music is tragically stalled in the 80s. I don't know why this is. I don't know if she has a bad agent. Maybe she ticked someone in the industry off? She should by all rights have had two or three "comebacks" by now, and be sharing the "diva" status of Cher or Tina Turner. Maybe she'll surprise us yet. In the mean time, here are some of the hits (and other songs) that make Cyndi one of my favorite artists.

And that rerun, folks, is the best I'm gonna get up this week! Busy doings at the Greenlee Gazette household. Happy Monday anyway!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Daily Show Responds to Faux Outrage "Latte Salute"

Image from source, Daily Kos
The phony controversy about President Obama saluting with a cup in his hand was made more ridiculous by the fact that it--as a "news" story--overtook far more important actual news stories, particularly on FOX "News." And I've got to say, Sean Hannity and (shudder) Karl Rove yukking it up over it, pretty much proves that it wasn't a serious story. It was just another chance to take a shot at the prez, and do so by not-so-subtly calling him "uppity." Jon Stewart skewered the whole "controversy" on Thursdays Daily Show.


Jon Stewart to Eric Bolling: 'F*** you and all your false patriotism.'

OK, last night's show was so incredible, I had to do a transcript. Jon Stewart blasted the Fox News crew for attacking Obama over his "latte salute", calling them out for their utter hypocrisy. Make this video go viral. Share it on social media. That right-wing acquaintance you know who ranted about it on Facebook? Post this video on their Wall for EVERY one of their friends to see. . .

Read more at: Daily Kos

Seen at the "Values Voters Summit"

This was spotted at the oh-so-moral-and-Christian "Values Voters Summit." Why these extremists attract any mainstream Republican speakers and support is a mystery. If I were a career politician, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them. But I can nearly guarantee you that nobody there will denounce this sort of thing, even though it was clearly created by a lunatic.


Found at: JoeMyGod

Attorney General Eric Holder Resigns

I was going to write a piece about how Eric Holder may be more despised by Right Wing World than even Barack Obama. How he was a consequential AG, despite all that. But truthfully, Rachel Maddow did such a good job with this one, I'm going to let her do it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Right Wing World: Obama's Salute is the Latest Faux Outrage

They just keep doing this, and then get all defensive when someone suspects, "this is because the president is a black guy." Seriously, this is the umpteenth version of these faux outrages. And by that, I don't mean that the outrage isn't real, it's that the outrage is stupid. Right Wing World was in a tizzy when President Obama had his feet on his desk. They went bonkers because he didn't wear a suit outrage to the right, and each outrage was--as far as I'm concerned--just a cover for calling the president "uppity."
The awful offense, from TPM.
jacket one time in the Oval Office, or didn't wear a tie. Or wore a tan suit. Or didn't hold his own umbrella. Each of these things was an

The problem, of course, is that in each of these non-troversies, a Google image search can find countless examples of other presidents--often GOP presidents--doing the same thing.  And that's not even getting to the fact that civilians aren't supposed to salute. Chalk up that odd tradition to The Gipper.

The inevitable

Conservative Media Freaks Out Over Obama's 'Latte Salute'

President Obama disembarked from Marine One on Tuesday and saluted two Marines with a paper cup in his hand. For conservative talking heads the salute, which was captured in a video that the White House posted to its Instagram account, was proof positive of Obama's disregard for the military, ignorance of protocol, and general disrespect for the uniform. . .

Read more at: Talking Points Memo

Ohio Cops Get Off After Shooting Black Guy at Walmart

John Crawford III
I'm having a tough time figuring out the elements of this story. You have a cop shooting, which--let's face it--usually turns out well for the cops. The victim was a black guy, so that goes double. And he was (sorta) armed. That's where it gets sketchy. The victim was carrying a BB gun, an item for sale at the Walmart in question. Though the witness who called the cops alleged, initially, that the guy was aiming the gun at people. The surveillance video does not bear this out. At worst, he had the thing over his shoulder at one point, unless there is missing video or something. But, you might think, guy with a gun: threatening. Right?

But hold on. This was in Ohio, which is an open carry state. And how many of us has seen those Open Carry nuts, with an assault rifle* slung over their back or chest, buying a burrito at Chipotle or patrolling the aisles of a Home Depot? So, even if this guy "looked threatening," he wasn't even doing something that gun rights advocates would even think was unusual. So, how is it that the cop who shot the guy isn't culpable? Why is it that so many police seem to have a shoot first, ask questions later policy, and why is it that they seemingly always get out of it, even if they make a tragic mistake? And another thing: why is it that conservatives--who typically are distrustful of government in almost any form--nearly always also side with the cops in these cases? It's worth pondering, if only for the psychological riddles.


Cops Escape Charges For Killing Walmart Shopper Holding A BB Gun Sold At The Store

A grand jury decided not to file charges Wednesday against police officers who shot and killed 22-year-old John Crawford III inside a Beavercreek, Ohio, Wal-Mart for carrying a BB gun. They rejected charges of not just murder, but also reckless homicide and negligent homicide, finding instead that there was no probable cause to charge officers with anything. One of those officers is already back on the job. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

*PS. I don't care--at all--if "assault rifle" is the right term here. I know you gun fetishists are particular about gun terminology, but it has zero to do with the point: yahoos carrying big-ass guns.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

America the Stupid: GOP Poor Love ObamaCare, Just Not the "Obama" Part

Idiots. Plain and simple. Like those teabaggers who would say, "keep your government hands off of my Medicare," anyone who is enjoying insurance for the first time, on account of the Affordable Care Act, and yet plans to vote Republican anyway. . .is an idiot. Those same Republicans have held how many votes--60?--to try to repeal "ObamaCare." They held a relentless campaign to demonize it, practically from its first formative step, to well after its introduction. They were so successful at making it seem that the ACA is the most evil piece of legislation ever, that even those who like it, hate it, if you just phrase the question right. Why would someone in such a position vote against their best interests? And yet they do. Consistently.

The Rude Pundit
Here's a great piece by Lee Papa, The Rude Pundit, from last week on the subject.


Toothless Hicks Agree: We Love Obamacare, Wish a White Man Had Signed It

So the New York Times interviewed people in Kentucky who have taken advantage of one part or another of the Affordable Care Act, especially the expansion of Medicaid. Robin Evans, a 49 year-old with high blood pressure and Graves' disease, is just "tickled to death" to have insurance coverage, which she had gone without for years. Of course, she's gonna vote Mitch McConnell out of office since he has made it his mission to repeal the ACA. Said Evans, "Born and raised Republican...I ain’t planning on changing now. . ."

See more at: The Rude Pundit

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jon Stewart Spanks House Science Committee for Stupidity on Climate Change

Perfection, as usual.


Stewart Blows Up on GOP Over Climate Change: ‘Pushing a Million Pounds of Idiot Up a Mountain’
Jon Stewart on Monday slammed a U.S House hearing regarding climate change, comparing the Republican-led session to “pushing a million pounds of idiot up a mountain.” The Wednesday hearing featured testimony from John Holdren, President Barack Obama‘s adviser on science and technology. Stewart showed clips of Republicans Steve Stockman of Texas, Dana Rohrabacher of California and Larry Bucshon of Indiana doubting the effects of climate change. . .

Read more (with video) at: Mediaite

"Democrat" vs. "Democratic" on Over Time with Bill Maher, September 19, 2014

He may look stupid, but Rep. Jack Kingston
knows what he's doing.
There really is no question about this subject, and there's nothing "subtle" about it: Right Wing World will virtually always use the word "Democrat" even when the proper word is Democratic. It's completely on purpose. It's partially a dig, and it's partially market tested. If you say, "Democrat Senator" rather than "Democratic Senator," you avoid using a patriotic word. Small-d "democratic" is just as stars-and-stripesy as "freedom" and "liberty." So, it's too good for a Democrat. Plus, when used as an adjective (incorrectly), the word sounds harsher, more brutish.

The worst part is, when a person like--say, Rush Limbaugh--uses "Democrat" incorrectly, he knows he's doing so, and is by definition, lying. It's irritating, and it's assholish. Period.


Bill Maher Sees ‘Subtle Dig’ in Republicans Who Say ‘Democrat’ Instead of ‘Democratic’


What’s the difference between “Democrat” and “Democratic”? One’s a type of discreet insult, according to HBO Real Time‘s Bill Maher. On the “Overtime” segment of Maher’s show Friday, Republican Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) referenced an education bill that passed under Democratic leadership in the House and Senate in 2007. Kingston called the bill “a Democrat bill. . .”

Read more at: Mediaite

US Air Strikes ISIS in Syria

Allegedly, this won't happen.
I've mostly avoided this subject, because I truthfully have no idea what is bad or what is good. Asea and adrift, sorry. But I thought I'd just mark the spot on the calendar. As of now, it's on.


U.S. airstrikes hit ISIS inside Syria for first time

American jets began bombing ISIS targets in Syria early Tuesday, raising U.S. involvement in the war-torn country and sending a forceful message to the terror group. The airstrikes focused on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, a U.S. official told CNN, though other locations were hit as well. They're the first strikes against the terror group inside the country since President Barack Obama's announcement this month that he was prepared to expand the American efforts beyond targets in Iraq. . . .

Read more (with video) at: CNN

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blast from the Past: Snack Foods of the 70s!

This was a "party" weekend night for me, so no new feature this week, sorry. Instead, here is a rerun from earlier in my blogging career. Still probably "new" to you, right? So, enjoy! Happy Monday!


Image found at Democratic Underground
I've wanted a weekly feature on the blog for a long time. I've got several regular themes here, Right Wing World, Science is Cool, Lest We Forget. . ., What Happens in Vegas, America the Stupid and others. But they come and go with no regularity. Well, I'm going to try to change that now.

Practically since I started the blog, I've run several Blast from the Past posts, each centering on a particular batch of videos that have something in common.  I've created a couple of new ones over successive Sundays, and realized that Sunday is the perfect day for it.  It's a slow news day unless the Sunday morning political shows break something shocking (usually a politician putting his or her foot in their mouth).  So, from now on, Blast from the Past has a home on Sunday evenings (or Monday mornings, depending upon what time zone you're in).

This week?  Well, I loved the old Pringles ad from when the dehydrated snack chip first came out, so why not snack foods of the 70s? Sounds yummy, let's go!

1. Peter Paul Almond Joy & Mounds Candy Bars - This one will noodle around in your head for a while.
2. Lay's Potato Chips - Okay, so we've got Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion dressed as Satan, and he apparently can eat just one? I'm confused. . .
3. Doritos - I'd forgotten about the fat Dorito's guy until I found this clip. See if you remember him.
4. Jiffy Pop Popcorn - I'm pretty sure that's Ruth Buzzi.
5. Nestle $100,000 Bar - I think they call this the One Hundred Grand bar now.
6. Keebler Fudge Cookies - Somehow elves making cookies in a tree doesn't sound all that hygienic to me.
7. York Peppermint Patties - This is from a whole series of commercials that were never funny.
8. Hostess Snack Cakes - Okay, so Twinkies are fresh and wholesome? Hostess and kids, they go together. Well, duh.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The United Kingdom Will Not Have to Change Their Flag

Well, there you go. Scotland has apparently voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. So, the Union Jack will remain red, white and blue. And Great Britain remains so, though I'm not sure if that name would have changed or not. . . Heck, I just had to look up the difference between Great Britain and United Kingdom. And shouldn't it be a Queendom, at least for a little while longer?

Anyway, history wasn't exactly made, unless you're counting the vote itself. And Prince Charles won't have to worry about being King of Little Britain when he assumes the throne at 93.


Scottish referendum: Voters to reject independence - BBC

Scotland will vote to stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence, the BBC has predicted. With 26 out of the country's 32 council areas having declared, the "No" side has 54% of the vote, with the "Yes" campaign on 46%. By 05:15 BST (06:15 GMT), the "No" campaign had more than 1,397,000 votes, with "Yes" on just over 1,176,000. . .

Read more at: BBC

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It All Becomes Clear: Sean Hannity Beaten With a Strap

Yeah. He's. . .okay. Image from source, TPM.
No, not recently. . .but would it surprise you? Sean Hannity says such boneheaded, stupid, idiotic things all the time, he has to offended a nut out there by now. But no, Hannity's dad beat any crazy guy to the punch. . .uh. . .almost literally. Strap, actually. Which may explain many of Hannity's personality defects.


Hannity On NFL's Peterson: My Dad Hit Me With A 'Strap' And I'm Okay

On Fox News last night, Sean Hannity said he thinks that Adrian Peterson, the NFL player indicted on child injury charges, should not go to jail for hitting his child. Hannity explained that he was hit by his father as a child, and he turned out just fine. "I got hit with a strap. Bam, bam, bam. And I have never been to a shrink. I will tell you that I deserved it," he said. . .

Read more (with video) at: Talking Points Memo

The Gay Thing: Retribution for Gay Bashing in Philadelphia

The Concerned Women for America--a badly named, anti-gay hate group--recently filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court. They're arguing that case for marriage equality shouldn't be treated with heightened scrutiny, because gay people have too much "power." And, I know, with all the talk in Right Wing World about "gaystapos" and "gay mafias" and whatnot, you could take their overplayed rhetoric for more than it is.

In point of fact, in many places in America, a gay person can be fired for no other reason than their sexuality. They can face housing discrimination. Though our we have marriage equality in 19+ states, they aren't recognized in most of the rest of the states, and are only tenuous in some states where they are legal. Conservative Christians--especially from the safety of the internet--have no qualms and no limitations on the nastiness and invective they're willing to unleash. Increasingly, they're also trying to carve out exceptions to the public accommodations laws that do exist, so that they can legally shun gay customers from their businesses. And, we're still regularly subject to abuse, both verbal and physical.

Some of the thugs in question. Image from source, 6ABC
The attack that happened to a young gay couple in Philadelphia recently was only the latest in a string of gay bashings around the country. But this one grabbed people's attention for a couple of reasons. One, it was a crowd of relatively young adults, both men and women who initiated the attack. But more interesting that that, is that this crowd turns out to have been a reunion class from a Pennsylvania Catholic high school, and they gave themselves away via social media. They're busted.



Police say they are questioning several people in connection to an attack on two gay men in the Center City Philadelphia area. Though, no suspects have been identified, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia confirmed that one of the people suspected in the attack worked as an assistant basketball coach at Archbishop Wood High School. The Archdiocese went on to tell Action News that person was terminated on Wednesday evening and will not be permitted to be a coach at any other Archdiocesan school. . .

Read more at: 6ABC

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hannity Worries Parents Won't Be Able to Teach "Gays are Not Normal"

Image of Lou Costello Sean Hannity, from source, Raw Story
Hey, Sean. Meat-head spokesmodels with no particular qualifications or education, hosting prime time "news" shows aren't normal. You absolute bigoted douchebag.


Sean Hannity worries parents won’t be able to teach kids ‘gays are not normal’

. . .“Here’s where my fear goes with all of this,” Hannity said on his radio show. “You guys are gonna tell parents what they can and cannot do — for example, is it gonna become illegal if a parent teaches the politically [incorrect] view that being gay is not normal?”. . .  

Read more at: Raw Story
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